IDEAL Workshop on High-Dimensional Geometry and Analysis

May 27, 2022
Northwestern University Mudd 3514

Ainesh Bakshi (Carnegie Mellon University), Arnold Filtser (Bar Ilan University), Weiyun Ma (Stanford University), Assaf Naor (Princeton University), Erik Waingarten (Stanford University)

Dates: Friday, May 27
Location: Northwestern University
Rooms: Mudd 3514
Streaming: Zoom

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All times are in the Central Time Zone (CDT; Chicago time).

9:30: Breakfast
9:55am: Opening Remarks
10:00am: Arnold Filtser, Locality-Sensitive Orderings
11:00am: Ainesh Bakshi, Robustly Learning a Mixture of k Arbitrary Gaussians 12:00: Lunch
1:00pm: Assaf Naor, Randomized clustering in high dimensions
2:00pm: Erik Waingarten, The Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma for Clustering and Subspace Approximation 3:00: Coffee Break
3:20pm: Weiyun Ma, Almost 3-Approximate Correlation Clustering in Constant Rounds