Symposium on Simplicity in Algorithms 2018

January 7-10, 2018
New Orleans

Submission deadline: August 24, 2017

The Symposium on Simplicity in Algorithms is a new conference in theoretical computer science dedicated to advancing simplicity and elegance in the design and analysis of algorithms. The 1st SOSA will be co-located with SODA 2018 in New Orleans. Ideal submissions will present simpler algorithms for important algorithmic problems, or present simpler analyses of known algorithms, or offer insights that simplify our understanding of important computational problems.

Omni Buss Celebration

July 14, 2017
UC San Diego

In celebration of Samuel Buss’s 60th birthday, we are organizing an Omni Buss celebration. As Sam’s work has had major impact on many areas of mathematics and computer science, including logic, proof complexity computational complexity, algorithms and graphics, the celebration will feature an eclectic combination of speakers.

New Challenges in Machine Learning – Robustness and Nonconvexity

June 23, 2017
STOC 2017, Montreal, Canada

Submission deadline: May 27, 2017

Machine learning has gone through a major transformation in the last decade. Traditional methods based on convex optimization have been replaced by highly non-convex approaches including deep learning. In the worst-case, the underlying optimization problems are NP-hard. Therefore to understand their success, we need new tools to characterize properties of natural inputs, and design algorithms that work provably in beyond-worst-case settings. In particular, robustness and nonconvexity are two of the major challenges.

Discrete Geometry and Convexity BÁRÁNY 70

June 19-23, 2017
Budapest, Hungary

The aim of the conference is to celebrate the scientific achievements of professor Imre Bárány, a pioneering researcher of discrete and convex geometry, topological methods, and combinatorics. The conference will consist of invited 45 minute talks by prominent mathematicians whose work has special connections to that of Imre. The topics to be covered include: discrete and combinatorial geometry, convex geometry and general convexity, topological and combinatorial methods.