Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy Workshop

October 15, 2018
Toronto, Canad

Submission deadline: July 20, 2018

TPDP is a workshop on differential privacy which will be collocated with CCS 18 in Toronto. Differential privacy is a promising approach to privacy-preserving data analysis providing strong worst-case guarantees about the harm that a user could suffer from participating in a the data analysis. Researchers in differential privacy span many distinct research communities, and this workshop will bring researchers from these communities together to discuss recent developments in both the theory and practice of differential privacy. Authors are invited to submit a short abstract (2-4 pages maximum) of their work. Submission should describe novel works or works that have already appeared elsewhere but that can stimulate discussions. Accepted abstracts will be presented at the workshop either in technical sessions or as posters. The workshop will not have formal proceedings and is not intended to preclude later publication at another venue.